How do I become a member of First Tee of metro Atlanta?

THE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP TO THE FIRST TEE OF METRO ATLANTA IS FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS AGES 8 TO 18. THIS MEMBERSHIP ALLOWS PARTICIPANTS ACCESS TO REGISTER FOR ANY PROGRAMS OFFERED BY THE FIRST TEE OF METRO ATLANTA AS WELL AS OTHER SPECIAL EVENTS THROUGHOUT THE PROGRAM YEAR. A 2020 Membership can be purchased prior to enrolling your participant(s) first 2020 program | All memberships are annual and expire on December 31st FTMA 2020 Membership fee is $125. 2020 Members will pay the reduced rate of $25 per session. Non member session rate is $100

Is there a fee to join The First Tee of metro Atlanta?

There is a $100 non member registration fee per session. The fee is paid at registration. Scholarships are available for those who cannot afford the membership and or session fee. Please contact us at [email protected] for scholarship procedure.

Where is The First Tee of metro Atlanta located?

The First Tee of Metro Atlanta is headquartered at John A. White Golf Course, 1053 Cascade Circle, SW, Atlanta, 30311. The 9-hole course is open to the public year round. There are two Par 5's, three Par 4's, and four Par 3's. The greens are rated among the best in the City. Adult patrons are welcome! Youth members attend scheduled classes which are held primarily on the range.

What is the greens fee for juniors to play John A. White Golf Course?

Green fees for youth members vary based on the level of certification attained in the program. For example, Eagle Certified members do not pay a fee to hit range balls.

Are First Tee juniors allowed to play the course without the accompaniment of an adult?

It depends on the degree of proficiency in golf etiquette and ability to play. Time of day and age of the child are also taken into consideration. Please see the Course and Range Access Policies under the Programs and Instruction tab.

When are PLAYer, Par, Birdie and Eagle certification exams scheduled?

Testing is usually scheduled in the last week of each session.

What skills must my child display to achieve certification?

Participants must pass a written life skills test, golf skills test, and playing requirement test.

Are there Atlanta residency requirements?

There are no restrictions on residency to participate in the First Tee of Metro Atlanta Program.

Do I have to own golf club to join The First Tee of metro Atlanta?

Golf clubs are available for members to use during their assigned class. Also, members may use program clubs when playing the course. Sometimes The First Tee of Metro Atlanta receives a donation of youth clubs to give to members.

What is the purpose of The First Tee of metro Atlanta?

The First Tee of Metro Atlanta is a youth development organization that teaches life skills to young people according to the curriculum developed by the First Tee. The game of golf is used as the platform to deliver these life skills.

What is the source of funding for The First Tee of metro Atlanta?

Revenue is generated through the collection of greens fees at John A. White Golf Course. However, this revenue is not sufficient to cover the expenses of maintaining the course and the youth program. Contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations are needed to support the First Tee of Metro Atlanta.